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Investors in Pupils


At Ling Bob we follow the Investors in Pupils program. This allows our children to develop an understanding of how their school runs and how every member of the community contributes to school life.

To learn more about Investors in Pupils please see the video below:

Investors in Pupils is split into 5 areas, these are represented on the Ling Bob hand:

New People

At the start of the year each class creates an induction booklet for new pupils. This booklet has information about each child in the class, the uniform policy, the class rules and any other information that might be useful to someone starting at our school.

New pupils are always warmly welcomed at Ling Bob and we pride ourselves in how hard our children and staff work to help them settle in.

Every year we celebrate friendship week, the children learn lots about how to be a good friend to others and how to show compassion. You can see photographs from this years friendship week here.


Each term your child will being home a curriculum booklet which will show what areas of the curriculum they will cover in that term. These can also be accessed here.

In the weekly achievement assembly a child from each class is awarded from the achievement book, key stage 1 and lower key stage 2 children receive a head teachers award sticker and upper key stage 2 children receive a raffle ticket as well as having the reason for their achievement read out in assembly.

Each child in school has a Pupil Profile where they track their targets. The children’s target include reaching the school attendance target of 96%, arriving to school late 0 times, staying on green on the school traffic light system, have their PE in school for every PE lesson, scoring an average of 8 out of 10 on spelling tests and achieving their personalised reading, writing and maths targets. For each target a child earns they are rewarded with time at Blingo at the end of each half term and term. Blingo includes playing games of bingo, party games, tasty treats, watching a film and more.

Below is an example of a Key Stage 1 Pupil Profile front cover:

KS1 pupil profile example


At the beginning of the school year each class writes a class mission statement, these are signed by the children and displayed in the classroom and school hall. Children are also introduced to the class rules and discuss the way in which the school behaviour system of a traffic light is used. Information about the school rules and the traffic light system can be found in the School behaviour policy.


Children have a target of attending school 96% of the time and having 0 lates. Each week in the achievement assembly there is an award for the class with the highest attendance and the class with 0 lates. We understand that sometimes time off school is inevitable, however we always encourage pupils to come to school whenever possible.


The mission statement that each class writes together gives the children a sense of ownership over their classroom. The children also have a class target each week, if completed they will receive an award. This target may be something to benefit the classroom e.g. everyone pushes their chairs in or may be to benefit the wider school e.g. not shouting in the corridors. In each classroom there are class jobs, this allows children to take turns to take responsibility for their own classroom.


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