Ling Bob J I And N School


DEN-Development Education through Nurture

Mrs K Dennis 

Behaviour and Wellbeing Professional

Mrs J McNamara 

Lead Professional for Behaviour

Nurture at Ling Bob

Within our school we have a nurture provision called The DEN - Developing Education through Nurture.  The ethos of the DEN is supportive and preventative.

The DEN is staffed by qualified nurture practitioners and Pastoral Team members Kath Dennis – Behaviour and Wellbeing Professional and Jan McNamara – Lead Professional for  behaviour.

Some children within Ling Bob have certain barriers to learning these include social emotional, mental health issues, learning and behavioural difficulties. The reasons for these are varied and complex and have increased since the recent pandemic.

The DEN is for pupils who:

  • Would benefit from intensive intervention strategies in order to remove barriers to learning
  • Need help to recognise and manage their emotions
  • May have difficult social circumstances
  • Find it difficult to accept boundaries and sanctions

The DEN is not:

  • A ‘sin bin’ or to be viewed as a place for reward or punishment

The DEN provides specific and targeted interventions for these children who find the daily routine of school life difficult, giving children the strategies and skills, they need that will enable them to access the full curriculum that the school offers. The DEN is also there to provide support for class teachers and assist when required.

In essence the DEN is a ‘safety net’ for all who need it.



There are three main DEN interventions, Art Therapy, Kaleidoscope and Social/Emotional/Rhythm sticks.

 Art Therapy - A guided session, using different techniques and materials promoting children’s individuality and personalities. Art Therapy can reduce anxieties and helps with socialisation and being part of a group.


Kaleidoscope - A therapeutic programme it is totally inclusive for everyone. In Kaleidoscope we create a safe, warm, cosy, relaxing and calming atmosphere.

  • Kaleidoscope helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • Breaks down barriers to learning by building self-esteem
  • Promotes positive thinking

If you would like more information about Kaleidoscope, please visit


 Social/Emotional -Encourages cooperation within a group setting. The children play social games for example cards, dominos, Lego.

  • This helps children to socialise within a group
  • It helps children to communicate and to listen to others
  • And for children to have fun!

We also have sessions called Rhythm sticks, this is a to music activity, the children follow the action of the leader to the music, this promotes good looking, listening, and sitting.


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