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At Ling Bob School, we believe that pupils should have access to a broad maths curriculum which is tailored to their independent learning needs. We aim to ensure that the mathematics curriculum shows coverage and progression throughout school and allows every child to develop the skills and knowledge to become confident mathematicians. We want pupils to make rich connections across all areas of maths to develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills.

Classrooms should be rich in discussion between pupils and teachers, allowing children to enhance their speaking and listening skills as well as develop and use mathematical vocabulary. Teachers will create an atmosphere in which children enjoy and achieve in maths and allow them to reach their full potential. The curriculum is flexible and adapted to support those children with SEND and those who have English as an addition language.


In Practice

At Ling Bob School, mathematics is taught following the White Rose Maths scheme of learning; this maps out the mathematics curriculum for each year. Flexibility has been built into the scheme to allow teachers to spend more time on particular steps or reorder the topics to meet the needs of the pupils in our school.

In the EYFS, children have daily opportunities to explore maths independently in the provision and through teacher led group or class inputs.

Across school, teachers and pupils use concrete, pictorial and abstract methods for new learning and revision. We believe that these concrete opportunities enable children to learn new mathematical concepts, therefore teachers plan hands on activities when and where possible and appropriate.

Here are examples of concrete, pictorial and abstract methods:

23 + 31 =

Pupils also take part in daily mental, oral work to practise and revise previously taught skills. EYFS and KS1 children participate in Mastering Number sessions 4 times a week to ensure a secure understanding of number. To ensure that children have a rapid recall of multiplication facts, children complete a weekly times tables test and use Times Tables Rock Stars.

We aim to make cross curricular links wherever possible meaning that some aspects of maths are used in science and topic lessons when appropriate.

Our main aim for maths is to ensure that children develop a positive attitude towards maths and become fluent mathematicians who can reason and problem solve.

Click here to find more information about White Rose Maths and access Times Tables Rock Stars.



When children leave Ling Bob School, they will be able to work with confidence across the different areas of maths and work fluently as well as reason and problem solve. They will demonstrate age appropriate skills and use a wide range of mathematical vocabulary and be able to apply their learning across the curriculum.


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