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At Ling Bob, we understand that our pupils have a range of experiences using digital technology already through their everyday life. We model and educate our pupils on how to use technology positively, responsibly and safely. We see it as our mission to ensure that children are prepared with the basic computing skills that they will need to continue their education and move into the working world. We hope that by the time children leave Ling Bob, they will have gained key knowledge and skills in the three main areas of the computing curriculum. The objectives within each strand support the development of learning across the key stages, ensuring a solid grounding for future learning and beyond.

 In Practice

At Ling Bob, Computing is taught using the programme Purple Mash. We use a variety of technology to support the children’s learning including desktop computers, laptops, iPads, recording devices and cameras.

Lessons focus on the key areas of the computing curriculum:

Computer Science                                                                                                  This includes programming, learning about computer networks and thinking of and solving problems.

Information Technology                                                                                        This includes word processing, data handling, animation, video creation, photography and digital art, augmented and virtual reality, sound and presentation and e-books.

Digital Literacy                                                                                                        This includes self image and identity, keeping safe online, privacy and security, online bullying, online relationships, managing online information and online reputation.

Each term, children have e-safety lessons to ensure that they use all technology safely both at home and at school.

 As well as teaching computing directly during weekly lessons in our dedicated computing suite, children also access technology and a variety of programmes through discreet teaching. This includes the use of iPads, dictaphones, digital cameras, laptops, tablets and the use of programmes such as Teach Your Monster to Read, Times Table Rockstars, Reading Plus, Education City and Seesaw.


We aim to ensure the children enjoy and fully interact with the computing curriculum  we deliver. In order to ensure this, we use the latest technologies. This allows our pupils to be as fully prepared for the future as they can be. Much of the subject-specific knowledge developed in our computing lessons equip pupils with experiences which will benefit them in secondary school, further education and future workplaces. From research methods, use of presentation and creative tools and critical thinking, computing at Ling Bob gives children the building blocks that enable them to pursue a wide range of interests and vocations in the next stage of their lives.

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