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School Council

Election of Councillors 2019-20 – 

In the lead up to the election children wishing to stand for election had canvassed their class using posters.

On the day of election the candidates read their manifestos then the children voted for one boy and one girl to represent their class on the School Council.

The results of the elections are as follows:

School Councillors 2019-20

Iceland - Mrs GuyBrodie McArdle-SingletonPoppy Halliday
Germany - Miss TaylorOscar OdionHenna Manchip
Spain - Miss SnapeScarlett OwensMyles Mukombe
Australia - Mrs MossMaisie RicherCohen Colbeck
Sri Lanka - Mrs StansfieldBradley SittiSavanna Massey
Wales - Mrs UreImogen AskewOliver Knapping
Evie-Mai Cochrane
England - Mr SimpsonSummer KempDaniel Moriarty
New Zealand - Mr CrossleyJack InghamWeronika Klepacka


The Councillors were given their hats and then had their pictures taken.