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This page contains links to online programs and games.


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Understanding Progress in English – A Guide for Parents

Understanding Progress in Maths – A Guide for Parents

Cybersmart Kids Quiz

CEOP’s Thinkuknow

Digital Compass Game

Mission 2110 – Addition and Subtraction

Teach Your Monster to Read

Microsoft Touch Develop

Digital Passport from Common Sense

Purple Mash

Code Kingdoms

Erase All Kittens Game

Education City

Oxford Owl

Tables Test

Tables Master

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Making The Noise Two

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Internet Matters

Teach It Primary

Logic Games

Fantastic Contraption – A superb logic/thinking puzzle game where players must design a contraption to complete the challenges.

Hooda Math – A fun problem solving logic game. Click on the Wereboxes to change their shape to clear the red shapes from the screen.

Bloxorz – Move a block around a platform trying to fit it into a hole.

Odd Ducks – Play this logic puzzle flash game where player must remove the cats and save the ducks.

Magic Pen – A fun puzzle game where players must draw the objects to solve it.

Cargo Bridge 2 – A great design and problem solving game where players must build bridges to collect the parcels.

Cube Slam – Pong may be simple, but it is a great game for hand eye coordination, and this 21st century 3D version from is fast and fun.

Smarty Games – A great set of English, maths and other educational flash games for young learners.

Mind Cards – Get your brain in gear with this tricky mind game. Has maths, spacial & memory problems.

Let Roly Go – Get Roly the hamster safely across the room by building a contraption. Great fun especially for young children.

Blobs Peg Solitaire – A logical thinking game where players have to “leap frog” blobs in the correct order to make them all dissapear.

Game Goo – Game Goo is a collection of cross curricular games for Primary Schools.