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Enjoy your Summer holidays!
School reopens for Autumn term – 7th September 2021

Fun Activity Ideas

Today: Have Fun!
Today: Be creative.
Have fun getting active.
In this pack there are some fun activities for you to try which will help support your child’s communication and language development. Why not try and complete one or two of the activities each day?
Please click the picture link below:

Today: Have fun being silly.


Today: Get creative.



Why not make the most of the sunshine.




Why not get moving with some dancing.



Have fun making potions.



Today: Why not try getting creative with dressing up?


Today: Enjoy the Night Sky

Have fun at home.


Have some fun with bubbles.


Why not try making some music with every day household items.


Enjoy some rhyme time today.



Today’s activity; Make Your Mark.



If you’re looking for some fun activities to keep you busy with your children while you’re at home, please keep an eye on our Nursery page for some ideas. You can also download the app ’50 things to do before you’re 5′ for more great ideas.