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Welcome Back to Spring Term 2019
School Closes for Half Term on Friday 15th February

Ling Bob Leavers 2018

3 responses to “Ling Bob Leavers 2018”

  1. Sandra says:

    Amazing and so emotional ?
    Good luck Faye and all your class mates. May your “million dreams” come true x

  2. Una Seleman says:

    I’m going to miss ling bob. This is the school I grew up in for most of my life. It’s going to feel strange starting all over again but maybe things at high school will be bigger and better. Bye Ling Bob! ??

  3. katie brisco (previous student at ling bob) says:

    i’m now in year 8 at Calder high school,i miss ling bob so so much and i’d give anything to turn back time just to have another year there.hope things are ok,im missing ling bob right now xxxxxx

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