Welcome to
Ling Bob J I & N School

Welcome Back to Spring Term 2019
School Closes for Half Term on Friday 15th February


The target attendance for each class every week is 96%. The number of lates each week should be as low as possible, the school has a target of 12 per week.

Attendance for Week beginning 4th February 2019

Class% AttendanceNo. Lates
Canada - Mrs Theaker/Mrs Gray83.50
Brazil - Mrs Howarth/Mrs Thornton79.63
Poland - Mrs Guy94.10
Iceland - Miss Simister99.36
Germany - Miss Taylor99.30
Spain - Mrs Taylor96.02
Australia - Mrs Moss98.73
Sri Lanka - Mrs Stansfield98.46
Wales - Mrs Ure98.19
England- Mr Simpson978
New Zealand - Mr Crossley98.30

‘We want all children who attend Ling Bob School to be successful in all areas of school life.  As a school we encourage children to attend school on time.  if a child is late to school this could have an impact on their emotional well – being as well as their academic progress’.

Please ensure your child arrives to school on time, the following times for each Key Stage are listed below:

Nursery – Doors open 8.55am and  close 9.10am

KS1 – Doors open at 8.50am and close at 9.00am

KS2 – Doors open at 8.40am and close at 8.50am

When the doors are closed your child will have to enter school via the main entrance where they will receive a ‘late mark’.  If a child is persistently late then parents will be invited into school to meet with a member of the Pastoral Team and the Education Welfare Officer, or disciplinary action could be taken.