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Weekly Achievement

Each week children are rewarded in their class to recognise their achievement, the awards are given by their class teacher when they make a special effort or contribution to their class in one of the Investors in Pupils area’s – Classroom, New People, Behaviour, Learning and Attendance.

Class Poland
Miss Simister
Ruqayah Tariq
Class Iceland
Mrs Guy
Emma Rushworth
Martha McLoughlin
Class Germany
Miss Taylor
Ethan Read
Class Spain
Miss Snape
Ethan High
Class Australia
Mrs Moss
Kosha Jabar
Class Sri Lanka
Mrs Stansfield
Izabelle Jankiwskyj
Class Wales
Mrs Ure
Class Wales
Class England
Mr D Simpson
Scarlett Trigg
Class New Zealand
Mr Crossley
Olivia Emmett
Class New England
Mrs Crossland
Finlay Friar
Reading Plus Achievements